Friday, May 1, 2015

#32. Mother Dearest - (and we mean that in a good way)

We are a group of great friends from all over the place, who wanted to start a stress-free challenge site. This will be a weekly challenge, and there will always be something here for you to see or try. Individually, as designers, we may not all be here every week because we are busy just like you!! So 'take the plunge' when you can or stop by to be inspired, even if you don't have time to "play". Make sure you don't miss a week of inspiration by subscribing to our site on the right!

What would we do without our dear mothers?  Well, I for one just don't know. This week we would love for you to honor thy mother (or someone who is like a mother to you), in a great paper crafting project.  You can make a card or a 3-D project - we just wanna see what you can do!  

You can now post your pictures of your projects using your Instagram account too!  No more excuses about not having a blog!

We hope we can inspire you a bit with what we have done for you this week