Friday, September 18, 2015

# 48 - County Fair Time

We are a group of great friends from all over the place, who wanted to start a stress-free challenge site. This will be a weekly challenge, and there will always be something here for you to see or try. Individually, as designers, we may not all be here every week because we are busy just like you!! So 'take the plunge' when you can or stop by to be inspired, even if you don't have time to "play".  Make sure you don't miss a week of inspiration by subscribing to our site on the right!

All across the United States September is a time for County and State Fairs. Even The Boss (Bruce Springsteen for you young'uns) sang about it!  The 4H kids spend time showing off the animals they have raised during the year.  The ferris wheel is spinning, and the smell of funnel cake is thick in the air.  This week take some time to create a card with a county fair theme.  This could be an animal stamp used on the card or animal print paper, blue ribbons, or good ole' fashin' apple pie... ~ lots of options.  We look forward to seeing what you will create!  

In the meantime, here is some inspiration from our design team: